Jared Fenn

Jared Fenn

Jared Fenn has been running the local Pillar To Post Franchise since 2007. Growing up in a family of builders and general contractors, home inspections allowed him to continue in a field he’d grown up around yet put his BYU Business and Marketing degrees to work. He has performed thousands of inspections for Utah homeowners and takes pride in teaching homeowners about their home.

Jared is also certified with the state of Utah as a Real Estate Continuing Education Instructor and offers over 30 different classes for real estate professionals to meet their continuing education requirements. Classes include topics on Meth, Radon, Termites, Furnaces, Electrical Systems and many other common topics that come up during a real estate transaction and home inspections. He teaches monthly at the Utah County Association of Realtors and throughout the month at various Real Estate office and venues. In the last year over 500 Realtors have attended his classes and earned Continuing Education credits toward their licensing.

Jared is a native of Montana, but married a beautiful Salt Lake girl and now calls Utah home. Favorite activities include camping anywhere, but preferably in the motorhome, with his wife and two adorable children.

Justin Hubbard

Justin joined our team in 2019 helped us weather the COVID Craziness of 2020. Justin brings many years of electrical experience to the team as a second generation electrician. Justin’s grandfather was a home inspector and when contemplating a career move, home inspections were a great fit.

Adam Koehler

Adam was exploring a career in home inspections and becoming a home inspector and had completed many of the certifications prior to finding Pillar To Post. He quickly fit in and has been a great asset to the team with his many years of experience in construction and radon mitigation.

Kevin Kostenborder

Kevin worked with Adam when they installed radon mitigation systems. When he learned our team was hiring, he wanted in on the action. Former experience Kevin brings to the team: Radon Mitigation, Mold restoration, and construction.